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The Building Department is responsible for community planning issues; the administration and enforcement of building regulations; and for the provision of property development support services in the City of Weyburn.

Typical services include approval of land development & subdivision proposals, land sales, development permit approval, building permit approval, building inspection, home occupation approvals, provision of zoning status reports, incentive grant application administration, demolition permit approval, sign permit approvals, the provision of information and assistance to assist the public in complying with the requirements in these areas, and the preparation of reports for Council's consideration.

Common users of these services are: private property owners, contractors, developers, engineers, architects, and lawyers.

The principal governing legislation and bylaws are:

The Province of Saskatchewan Cities Act.

The Province of Saskatchewan Uniform Building & Accessibility Standards Act.

The Province of Saskatchewan Planning & Development Act.

The Province of Saskatchewan Heritage Property Act.

The City of Weyburn Building Bylaw (under review)

The City of Weyburn Zoning Bylaw

The Uniform Building & Accessibility Standards Act is the provincial act which mandates the implementation of a slightly modified version of the National Building Code as the principal building regulation in the City of Weyburn.

The Building Department staff are:

Building Inspector - Amanda Kaufmann

Planning & Development Officer - Drew Bakken

Administrative Support - Kristine Paul

Weyburn has a population of about 10,000 persons and has about 4,500 properties. Since 1997 about 80 - 120 building permits have been issued each year with construction values in the range of 5 - 11 million per year. In 2003 we experienced high levels of commercial construction activity. Our 2003 total construction value exceeded 29 million dollars. 2006 and 2007 proved to be strong years as well, with 170 permits issued to November 2007 including about 29 million in construction and 130 new dwelling units.

The City of Weyburn Building Department welcomes all inquiries.

Phone: 306-848-3221

Fax : 306-842-2001


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