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Weyburn Coat of ArmsThe blue shield of Weyburn's Coat of Arms represents the beautiful blue sky of the prairies and the portion of the Souris River through Weyburn. Our green fields are depicted by the green chevron, and recognition is given to the oil industry with the insertion of the black bars.

The backbone of the community is recognized by the gold wheat head. Transportation, industrial development and the railway to which Weyburn owes its beginning are symbolized by the gold cogged wheel. Our unique water tower is given a place of honour as it depicts the early structures in our community.

Our pioneering forefathers -- whether they were breaking sod, drilling for oil, or constructing road and rail -- forged ahead with a vision, applying their natural instincts to overcome the many challenges confronting them beneath the open, blue skies of the prairies. The achievements of our pioneers are reflected in the success our community enjoys today.

We enter into a new era -- world advancement in communication, transportation, and production technology forces us to compete in a global society. As our Coat of Arms depicts, we must now be the pioneers of today, with the vision and the commitment to achieve progress and prosperity for the future.

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