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This mosaic is the result of a request by the City of Weyburn for a mural depicting Weyburn's history from past to present. It is intended as a Saskatchewan Diamond Jubilee Project (1965) in honour of the Weyburn and district pioneers, whose efforts over the years have made Weyburn one of the finest, most up-to-date cities of its size in Canada.

Inspiration for the wheel originated with Mrs. Joan Linley of the City's Recreation Department, who also researched and designed the panels. Mosaic work was done with the assistance of Mrs. Lorna Pennock and Mr. Al Wiebe.

Construction of the wheel and pedestal was undertaken by Weyburn Builders Ltd. The wheel, constructed of mahogany, is an authentic scaled model of the wagon wheel typical of the days of the horse-drawn vehicle, and serves as an appropriate setting for the ten mosaic panels depicting our history. The pedestal represents the anvil and hammer.

The overall dimension of the wheel is 13'2" in diameter and estimated weight is over 2,000 pounds. The hub, which is 30" in diameter, weighs over 240 pounds. The brass rim on the circumference of the wheel measures 41'6".

Material used in the mosaic is Italian glass tile, hand-cut to one centimeter size with a selection of approximately ninety colors involved. Indirect method of application was used in assembling the panels, and over 1,430 man hours were involved in laying the tile.

Consideration was given to the many events and human interest stories that could have been used on the panels and the difficult choice was determined in part by suitability of color and overall design. An attempt has been made to include the four seasons and typical wild plants and flowers peculiar to the district.

The Wheel may be viewed at the Weyburn Public Library.

Beginning at the top of the wheel and viewing each panel clockwise, the following description of the panels is given:

The Big Wheel


Panel No. 1
Panel No. 2
Panel No. 3
Panel No. 4
Panel No. 5
Panel No. 6
Panel No. 7
Panel No. 8
Panel No. 9
Panel No. 10

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