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Weyburn Inland TerminalEconomic diversification has become the primary focus of economic development as Weyburn approaches its centennial. The strength of Weyburn's economic base has created a community with above-average personal wealth and high expectations for lifestyle and personal development.

In the service sector, Weyburn has developed a wide variety of health care services for the region, and offers a broad scope of post-secondary educational programs. Tourism has become a new generator of economic activity and infrastructure development. Health, athletics and tourism have combined in an emerging opportunity for an exciting hyperbaric spa now being studied.

Weyburn's industrial development includes manufacturing of products as diverse as wire and cable, plastic pipe, windows, concrete, wood products and steel buildings. Recent entrepreneurial growth includes a $12 million expansion in manufacturing facilities for underground cable; multi-year oil industry expansion worth $2 billion; an innovative livestock feed supplement plant serving Saskatchewan, Manitoba and parts of the U.S.; and new food processing initiatives.

Official website of the South East Regional Economic Development Authority.
Official website of the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce.

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