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The Tatagwa Parkway Master Plan provides a logical & creative approach to the development and management of the Tatagwa Parkway lands, using descriptions, sketches and plans.  Opportunities are identified and prioirties are assigned for future development and and land use.   View the Tatagwa Parkway Master Plan here

No matter what type of outdoor leisure activity is desired, Weyburn's park system can provide it!

Outdoor sports facilities for both organized and recreational sports -













Many kilometres of walking and hiking trails -

















Playgrounds (C.S.A. compliant) -













Camping and picnicking -




All of these activities, and many others, can be enjoyed at various locales within the park system.

Large areas of passive green space, planted with a variety of tree and shrub material, have been developed throughout Weyburn in an effort to beautify the community and to provide restful areas for more quiet enjoyment. 

Please click HERE for updated information on West Nile Virus from the Government of Saskachewan.   Please click HERE for information from  the Sun Country Health Region. 


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