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City Assessor - Theresa Hicks
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The Finance Department for the City of Weyburn, in partnership with Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA), is committed to providing the citizens of Weyburn with a fair and equitable assessment of their property.

Click on the links below to answer the relevant questions: 

How were the residential assessments and taxation calculated?

What is assessment?

What property is assessable?

Who is Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency and what is their connection with the City of Weyburn?

How was my home assessed?

What are some of the reasons why an assessment value increases or decreases?

How were the residential assessments and taxation calculated?

How do I appeal my assessment?

How is fairness verified / insured?

How much of my taxes go to other taxing authorities (schools, etc.)?

Why do I pay for school taxes when I don't have children going to school?


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