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City Assessor - Theresa Hicks 
Work Phone Number:  (306) 848-3205 (General Tax Inquiries or Searches call 848-CITY(2489))

Information on Tax Enforcement
Information on Tax Concession and accounts in arrears

The City of Weyburn taxation process will be as follows:

  • No prepayment notices will be sent to residents 
  • No discounts for paying of taxes in advance will be given as of January 1, 2012
  • Assessment notices are sent as soon as information from Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) is received and balanced (usually in March)
  • Taxation notices are then sent as soon as the mill rates from the school divisions are received (May)
  • Penalties start being applied to balances due on:
    August 1st - 1.50%
    September 1st - 1.50%
    October 1st - 1.50%
    November 1st - 1.50%
    December 1st - 1.50%
  • Amounts not paid by December 31 will have a 10% penalty added (amounts unpaid as of this time may be subject to Tax Enforcement)

For questions with regard to tax enforcement, please read the following City policy tax enforcement policy.

CLICK HERE for the City of Weyburn mill rates and mill rate factors for the 2016 taxation year.

  • Check out the assessment page for answers to questions regarding taxation and assessment processes and how the two relate with regard to the taxation levy.

Under Provincial legislation, the City of Weyburn is responsible for providing services to its residents, such as:

Police services

Fire protection

Engineering (road maintenance, snow removal, street gravelling and repairs, etc., street lights, traffic and parking control, airport, other public works)

Parks (insect and pest control/monitoring, weed control, park operation expenses)

Recreation/Leisure (operation and control of swimming pools, rinks and all other sporting venues, Signal Hill and other cultural programs, Heritage Village)

Libraries (regional and public library funding)

Environment (all environmental and public health programs like landfill/garbage and cemetery)

Economic Development (urban development, economic development, industrial development, low rental housing subsidies, transit for the disabled, charitable grants, farmland maintenance, tourism and public relation expenses)

Administration (Council expenses, taxation costs, City Hall expenses, information technology/computers, reception and collection expenses)

All of these services are paid for with funds collected through taxes, grants and other revenues such as user fees.

Each year, City Council approves an estimate of the funds that will be required to finance the above services for the current year. The proposed operating budget identifies each one of the service programs to be offered along with their respective cost and how they will be financed.


Local Improvement Act




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