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Fences & Screens

While a permit is not required for construction of residential fencing, there are some regulations which must be followed when constructing fences or screening in the City of Weyburn.  Where shrubs and and hedges are used for fencing or screening, please refer to the City of Weyburn Urban Forestry Bylaw for regulations.

Essentially  the height of residential fencing is controlled.  Maximum height restrictions vary somewhat depending on location and site zoning.  In residential zones the maximum permitted height in a rear yard area is 2.4 metres or 8 feet.  In a front yard area the maximum permitted height is 0.75 metres or 2.5 feet.

The narrower portion of a lot is considered to be the "front" on corner sites.  The "front yard area" is the front 7.6 metres or 25 feet of the lot.  The "rear year area" is all of the lot except the "front yard area".

Probably the best way to ensure that no problems are encountered with regard to your fence location is to keep it within the boundaries of your property.

Please contact the Building Department for information about fencing or screening in zones other than residential.

And remember ... safety first ... dial 114 before you dig to locate underground utility lines.

Questions?  Call the building Department at (306) 848-3221.

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