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The City of Weyburn has an extensive emergency plan which provides for a coordinated response to unusual events which may affect a large portion of the community.  These events could be natural disasters such as tornadoes and winter storms or man made disasters such as chemical spills and transportation collisions.  This plan is designed for emergency response agencies such as the police, fire and ambulance and non government agencies such as the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.


Protection of life is the number one priority for our emergency responders.  However, in a major disaster, there is always a shortage of responders and this creates a need for people to be able to help themselves.


The aim of this page is to make the public aware of the plans that are in place for our responders as well as to provide some direction for people who are able to help themselves in a disaster situation.





City of Weyburn Shelter-In-Place


Every day, between 10 and 20 trains and hundreds of trucks pass through the City of Weyburn, many of these carrying dangerous goods.  Transportation collisions involving dangerous goods are becoming common throughout North America and it is just a matter of time before one of these incidents occurs in the Weyburn area.  Unfortunately, many people wrongly believe that the proper thing to do when one of these incidents occurs is to evacuate the area and, in doing so, they expose themselves to extreme danger.


Over the past number of years, the chemical industry has developed programs to protect the public from the effects of these incidents and in most cases; they involve sheltering in your home.  It is now universally recognized that you are safer in your home than out in the cloud of toxic gases.


Shelter-in-Place is a program started by the chemical companies to protect those people who live around chemical manufacturing plants but the same drills can be used in any community during a transportation accident involving dangerous goods.


To protect yourself and your family from the effects of a dangerous goods incident, follow these 5 easy steps:


1.                   Upon learning of a dangerous goods mishap, move inside immediately,


2.                   Close all windows and doors in your home,


3.                   Turn off ventilation systems, (including air conditioning units), or any fans which may draw air into or exhaust air out of your home,


4.                    Go into a room and seal the door and windows with duct tape, and


5.                   Turn on the radio or television and await instructions from emergency response agencies.


If you are in serious danger, the response agencies will be able to evacuate you in a controlled and safe manner.  In most cases, a toxic cloud will dissipate in the atmosphere in a few hours making it safe to leave your home once the worst is over.


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